Ensure orphans and underprivileged we work with domestically and internationally have life-sustaining opportunities to pursue.


Provide life-sustaining and ethical training, employment and mentoring opportunities to orphans and underprivileged.


1. Identify, create and foster successful local businesses who in turn provide sustainable opportunities to orphans and underprivileged.
2. Mentor and connect orphans and underprivileged to successful and ethical local businesses.
3. Minister to the body, mind and soul of every person in which we interact.


Identify, create and foster businesses that successfully operate with the intent to provide opportunities to orphans and underprivileged.

IT Classes

Programming Training

In 2012, Spero group set out to take the first marketable skill to Ukraine to provide graduates and others the opportunity to learn software engineering and the different programming languages. Over the past 5 years, Spero group, has matured its processes in how these young people are taught. With the growing number of people desiring to be a part of these programs there was a relationship formed with the local university. This relationship has given Spero Group the opportunity to become a part of the local educational community and provide facilities as well as interest from other students.

Summer Trips

Every Year we have teams from US come to Ukraine to serve people in Ukraine. We do this to show people that we can bring difference in someone’s life through relationships, prayers, support. We desire to bring hope to young generation and we believe those trips changes not only their life, but also life’s of the people that come to serve.

Garage Business

We started our first business project, the “Garage”. The Garage is a partnership with a Christian couple that works with Agape and has been working with at-risk boys from different orphanages. Spero partnered with them to open their own business and open a garage in Krivoy Rog.

We financially invested into this project and provided a personal coach for them, a very important part of the project. This business is still in business and in November 2016 they started to pay back the initial investment – these proceeds will be re-invested into the next business venture.

There are boys who involved in this business and working with them and want to keep develop themselves in those area.


Royal Wood Company

Royal Wood is another project that Spero group started. The plan was to minister to orphans and underprivileged by training and employing them in different areas of woodworking and carpentry. Dima (Supervisor of the company) has been a working in this area more than 10 years and knows a lot about the wood and furniture and knows how to make wood product with excellent quality.

We are so happy to see, how God puts all those pieces together and give desire to serve to people like Jenya and Dima!

Street Food Truck Business

The essence of the business idea is to establish a street food retail chain “American Street Food” (hereinafter ASF), which provides an assortment of food, which is a classic representative of street food in America, e.g., Taco and Burrito using traditional Mexican styles and fresh fruit.

Street food ASF is a socially-oriented business that is created with the purpose of obtaining stable profit, fast and high-quality customer service, offering the best quality products, and helping people (vocational opportunities for graduates) to take a worthy position in the society, through the provision of official jobs with a decent salary. We will use of corporate mentoring program.


One of the projects that was successful was the camp that we did in Carpathians. With 15 grads and the team of people we went there for a week to do training, build relationships and show them the love of God!

It was incredible time, we were amazed with those kids, with their desire to learn and open their hearts for us!

We believe that we planted the seed, and God will use that to grow this seed !

English Classes

We provide classes for those who desire to change their life and ready to work hard! We choose those who needs help and wants help and we ready to invest in them! We have been doing classes for a year! And so happy to say that all the kids finished the classes!