Ensure orphans and underprivileged we work with domestically and internationally have life-sustaining opportunities to pursue.


Provide life-sustaining and ethical training, employment and mentoring opportunities to orphans and underprivileged.


1. Identify, create and foster successful local businesses who in turn provide sustainable opportunities to orphans and underprivileged.
2. Mentor and connect orphans and underprivileged to successful and ethical local businesses.
3. Minister to the body, mind and soul of every person in which we interact.


Identify, create and foster businesses that successfully operate with the intent to provide opportunities to orphans and underprivileged.

Shad – founder of Spero Group, businessman and father of seven.  Beginning in 2009, Shad developed the heart for the Ukrainian orphan throughout the process of adoption.  In that process, he built the foundation of The Spero Group – providing sustainable opportunities through local businesses and partnerships.  This foundation has lasted to today where Spero has catalyzed the incubation of many successful businesses and the mentoring young people.

Jason – Vietnam Country Director, business entrepreneur and father of four.  Jason joined SperoGroup in 2014. He was orphan as an infant and made his way to America and was adopted.  In his journey to seek answers to his own adoption, Jason saw the need to also give back to Vietnamese orphans what he had been so graciously given – a life and a better future! Today, Jason maintains relationships and programs in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi to bring mentoring, life-skills training to many orphans and underprivileged.


Ukraine is a country rich in history and culture.  Operating in Kryvyi Rih (also Krivoy Rog), Kiev and Lviv, The Spero Group has several partnerships and operating businesses that serve local orphans and underprivileged.  We enjoy taking groups of people to Ukraine to understand the culture, ministry opportunities and existing programs to generate a passion for our vision.  Ukraine was the first country the Spero Group entered and remains a very special place in our history and understanding of how best to serve effectively.


Vietnam is a beautiful country with a rich history.  Operating in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly, Saigon) and Hanoi, The Spero Group works with three primary partners to mentor, coach and provide for the needs of several orphans and underprivileged young people.  It is our hope and desire to continue to incubate 1-2 businesses in the coming year that will further provide the sustainability to our work in the country.